Pedagogic Research Conference at Brighton

Small but perfectly formed conference yesterday in the new Checkland Building at Falmer. Keynote speaker – Professor Glynis Cousin from the Institute for Learning Enhancement at Wolverhampton – was wonderfully fluent in pedagogic research, and encouraging to those of us who prevaricate about what researching in relation to our teaching practice means.
My session on e-modelling argued for risk-taking and vulnerability in the HE classroom and online, on the basis that we need to model not perfected presentation skills, but live learning. Some good questions and comments, so worth pursuing. The paper is in EJEL Volume 7 Issue 3, “E-modelling – helping learners to develop sound e-learning behaviours” just available online, but there is more to this debate about challenging teacher conceptions and classroom behaviour in relation to learning.
Also a great social networking activity with lego from Katie Piatt, demonstrating the difference between Blackboard and elgg. Maybe though we need to get tough about adoption before community@brighton really takes off in learning and teaching roles.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the positive feedback Sue (check my blog for comments on your session too!). I was surprised how few people knew anything about Community…some work for my team to do.

  2. cheers Katie! going to your blog now

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