Female illiteracy and low access to education

Two out of three countries in the world face gender disparities in primary and secondary education and as many as half will not achieve the Millenium Development Goal of gender parity in education by 2015 (UNESCO 2010). • Two-thirds of the 796 million adults lacking basic literacy skills are women (UNESCOb 2010)

More unpalatable statistics and a case for change are given in February 2011 statement by UN Women to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York.

Maybe we don’t live in the countries most affected, but we probably teach people who do or will do.

Maybe consider how we can help?

UNESCO Institute for Statistics. Gender Parity in Primary and Secondary Education. Fact Sheet,

September 2010, No. 4.

UNESCO (b). Education counts towards the Millennium Development Goals. 2010.

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