Free software which could be of use to trainers

Recent prezi I used to discuss the possibility of e-learning techniques in relation to training workshops. The key dilemma is the extent to which face to face training is better than something on a screen, even if that something is interactive rather than passive. Economic arguments push us towards the need to understand how to reduce cost and still give great learning value to people at work.

Of course face to face is great – because people get more than the knowledge, tips, techniques and understanding we are trying to put across as trainers (or indeed as lecturers too). And we may discount social get-together time, but we learn at least as much if not more through that time – (have a look at Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory for how we learn from others). However today’s workplace is not an easy place to find money or time to get out to a training workshop. It isn’t easy even to find time to watch and interact with a screen, but that’s for another blog. Meanwhile, have a look through the link below if you think there are possible (free) ways in which training can a) be enhanced and b) be used more effectively for what it is really good at.

E-Learning and training – do they fit?


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