Day two at ICICTE

keynote today was Russell Stannard who discussed his ongoing work with screen capture as a feedback channel. He uses my favourite Jing which limits to 5 minutes but is smooth and simple to use. You could argue ( in parallel with the twitter paradigm) that if you can’t get a clear message across in five minutes’ worth of attention it’s not worth saying (note to self – make this blog entry short…).

It’s a lovely idea to use screen capture for video feedback. I think it works brilliantly for formative feedback and, as Russell uses it, for pre- supervision meetings to help students reflect on specifics before meeting them. But as a summative feedback tool there are problems as it is hard to track multiple videos e.g. You can’t search for a key point through one let alone many as easily as you can with text feedback. Also you need a technology friendly external examiner who is prepared to sample video feedback.

After the keynote there was a surprise appearance from the former Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou. he received an award and spoke eloquently about the society-changing impact of digital technology, including an intriguing insight into his personal habit of following analysis via the web from key commentators around the world on the Greek economic situation as well as consulting the usual experts before making decisions.

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