UFHRD conference at Brighton

Developing people at and for work makes social and economic sense as well as introducing people, sometimes for the first time, to the joy of continuing openness to learning.

At the UFHRD conference – HRD in Turbulent Seas – Continued Global Economic Uncertainty: Challenges and Opportunities – to be held 4-7 June 2013, delegates will be exploring diverse issues around developing people.

Here are the different academic streams of papers – as seen below, five of them are offering the target of publication in a a related journal Special Issue:

  • Stream 1: Action Learning – research and practice – Special Issue Opportunity
  • Stream 2: Comparative and cross-cultural dimensions of HRD
  • Stream 3: Critical, theoretical and methodological issues in HRD
  • Stream 4: Diversity issues in HRD
  • Stream 5: Doctoral workshops
  • Stream 6: Employee Engagement & HRD – Special Issue
  • Stream 7: HRD Evaluation & Learning
  • Stream 8: HRD: identity, community, profession
  • Stream 9: HRD in BRICS+ and Multinational Corporations (MNCs) – Special Issue
  • Stream 10: Innovation, Sustainability & HRD – Special Issue
  • Stream 11: KM, learning organisations and organisational learning
  • Stream 12: Leadership and Management Development
  • Stream 13: Scholarly practitioner research
  • Stream 14: Technology Enhanced Learning at Work – Special Issue
  • Stream 15: Training and development, and retaining the talent of older workers
  • Stream 16: VET and Workplace Learning
  • Stream 17: Workplace Conflict

I’m involved in Stream 14 on Friday’s programme – looking at opportunities to use learning technologies for enhancing learning, and we have a call out for additional papers on this TEL at work theme for our BJET special issue – so if you have a paper/research study on that theme, even if you have not submitted to the conference, you can still upload submissions for the SI at the BJET website, noting that you would like to be included in this SI. Here is the Call for Papers of the SI.

Meanwhile the UFHRD itself has a very useful resource area on learning and teaching:

Link to great resources on HRD learning and teaching.

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