Talis Insight 2015 

Spent a productive day at this conference in Birmingham’s ICC yesterday. Different tribes (learning technologists, information services people, academics etc) met, aired their views on digital reading lists, digitised content and learning analytics with the latter proving the most contentious.

There still seems to be concern around analytics which IMHO can so easily be dispersed by sharing views with learners before and during teaching. If students know what can be seen and how proxies for engagement are constructed, they also get a reinforced message about how to engage!

Talis Aspire reading lists remain a top favourite with me, so it was interesting to find their increasing adoption across HE, but I was concerned that so many information services providers do the work for the academics. Interesting issues of control here and simple to see why there are then problems in getting academics to engage. I love to create these lists myself – with support when I get stuck – especially useful for my weekly term time podcast series.

But my main focus at present is working with the creative people at Talis on improving access to all media types, getting personalised student access to these resources and using analytics to improve my learning designs for them in future.

My presentation was on the teamwork required within HE teaching – prezi here “Star or supporting act?  impacts of technology on changing teacher roles in HE”.

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2 thoughts on “Talis Insight 2015 ”

  1. Really enjoyed your presentation Sue, and once again thank you for joining us and agreeing to speak. I hope you got back safely, and look forward to catching up with you soon to progress the Lighthouse pilot.

    1. I enjoyed it Arunn, thanks for inviting me. Did I manage to leave my data stick in your MacBook? Not critical but if you find one I’d like it eventually!!!

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