Two-thirds of illiterate adults are female

“Too many women, in too many countries, have no other role beyond marrying and producing children at a young age, then taking care of those families.

“Although the gender gap in education is closing, far too many girls are still denied schooling, leave prematurely, or complete school with few skills and fewer opportunities. Two-thirds of illiterate adults are female.

“In the area of decision-making, we see more women, in more countries, taking their rightful seat in parliament. Yet fewer than 10 per cent of countries have female heads of State or government. In just 28 countries are there more than 30 per cent of women in parliament.”

This is from a speech by Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the UN, speaking in April this year to University Presidents.

Brighton hosts CAL09 in March

Important conference relating to online learning coming to University of Brighton March 23-25 2009. NOTE deadline for abstract submission this Friday 26th September 08.

“The CAL biennial conference, in association with Computers & Education, and Elsevier, is one of the premier international conferences addressing computers and learning.  It has a proud tradition of engendering critical debate on the key issues being tackled by researchers and practitioners in all areas and levels of, amongst other things, Educational Research, Evaluation, Learning Technologies, Teaching, Technology Enhanced Learning, Social Networking, Education Policy and Subject Specific Applications of Technology in Education and Learning.

There will be three international keynote speakers, paper presentations, symposia and poster presentations. All presentation formats should include some opportunity for further discussion.

We invite symposia from research groups or networks who are active in one or more of the themed areas. These would consist of a cluster of related short papers which may cover work in progress, methods and theories as well as completed studies.”

metaphors for education institutions

Managerial metaphors? seems we are all moving towards them, not just because I work in a business school. At ALT C there was talk of managing change, strategies needed, policies, targets, objectives. Just intrusive common language I suppose, yet I wonder if we are letting this metaphor take over?

Universities as learning communities – to what extent do we let Wenger’s legitimate peripheral participation and practical mastery in to our dialogues?

What about a conference metaphor? An academic conference can be seen (OK it’s not the only view) as a meeting of lively, interested actors who have in common their humanity and needs for fun, communication and good food and drink, but have a drive to engage and debate. Conversations with strangers are encouraged because we trust in a roughly common aim. That pays dividends as we find our ideas in dialogue being honed and looked at from different perspectives. Sounds good for a uni model to me – could we sabotage the silos?

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