Learning technologies I like to use

Evernote for recording every meeting I attend – totally searchable and shareable

Skype for online meetings and Skype for Business (Lync) for webinars – sharing and editing documents in meetings and recording the events

Researchgate is a useful place to share publications and discuss research with colleagues.

FileZilla to share heavy files (ftp)

Flipboard for consuming news and publishing news/blog/media collections – eg Sueg on Business where I collect business news items relevant to the business curriculum I teach.

Polleverywhere for in class polling and discussion. Not keen on way it integrates with PowerPoint, but with an internet link it works well. NOTE use multichoice only with large UG classes where open questions run risk of silly answers!

Jing for recording screencasts (screen which could be PowerPoint or internet or anything used for teaching on screen, plus audio commentary) – particular benefit is this is MAX 5 minutes long – makes students click it more readily and keeps the academic from meandering

Camtasia Studio same producer as Jing ie Techsmith but this is paid for and fully functioned. Great video editor. However can take masses of time to learn, adjust settings, upload etc. Also produces longer videos – while I have used these in HE, I am beginning to question their use, preferring short sharp videos for both reinforcement and revision learning.

wordpress – clearly this blog is on wordpress, and I run another two blogs on this platform for other uses. It is easy to use, edit, keep up to date and plenty of theme designs, widgets available.

slideshare – increasingly good to share slidesets beyond academic institutions. Much better functionality now and less time to upload. Links with social media well.

Twitter – vast user network for micro-blogging – for learning? yes for me I use it to record and share comments during conferences, seminars, and to link in to a professional community of elearning researchers who use it and share great links for scholarship purposes. Students so far less inclined to tweet though I find tweeting works better than texting when using Polleverywhere (see above).

LinkedIn – is this for learning – yes again for me this is a helpful way of finding like-minded or like-focussed academics/researchers and for keeping up to date with developments in my disciplines – also recommend to students/alumni

Turnitin – Grademark, Peermark – I use both of these and find them very effective. Grademark allows me to use rubrics (marking grids) which I use widely on modules to help students understand assessment criteria upfront, plus in text comments which are easier than inserting comments in Word documents, plus a general overview comment area and score area which can be made available when you wish. I like to mark online, not everyone does, but the chance to keep an electronic copy of student’s work integrated with feedback and score is really helpful to me. Peermark is also excellent, though I find it works best when run in a connected classroom so the tutor can support any technical issues as they go. Focusses students on how to assess before they finish their summative assessment, also helps them to give and receive constructive feedback.

Bullbearings a business website which shows live realtime share prices and offers £100,000 notional fantasy portfolio – helps business students to learn about the stockmarket and follow specific firms – have run competitions on this site for my students over last 5-6 years and prior to that used to do it myself via print newspapers (much more work before bullbearings).

TalisAspire great digital reading list software- allowing bookmarks to be readily collected whenever online and formed into lists relevant for different teaching and research purposes – helpful to have book links straight into the uni library, as well as direct onscreen video links

EndNote – been around for ages, to my mind particularly useful referencing software – thesis would not have got completed without its help. takes exported citations from TalisAspire.

Mendeley – similar repository to EndNote but only takes pdfs etc. sometimes find this tricky to use but generally a good way of hoovering up all isolated pdfs on a computer and being able to group them for learning and research purposes. Good mobile app.

Blackboard – yes I know most people hate it, if they have any tech expertise, but I find its simplicity and ease of navigation useful, better than Moodle, but of course Blackboard comes with a considerable bill, so while my university funds it, I am happy.

Mahara – great e-portfolio software. Lots of functionality, I like using groups to communicate about specific projects, and for research supervision with a group of myself plus the student. keeps everything in one place, tracks progress and allows messaging, sharing etc.

Prezi – zooming presentation software which can be helpful when doing one-off presentations eg for conferences, special lectures. Would not use it regularly as it is time consuming to make a really good prezi and needs great images/videos and a good sense of design if it is to work well.

Slideshark – great way to present with MS Powerpoint from an iPad which shows presenter notes, timing etc on the device but only slide presentation through projection.

Qualtrics – online survey software with much better functionality than free versions of surveymonkey and kwiksurveys, however this software has a cost. Very easy and effective to use at any research level.

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  1. Unfortunately Office timeline isn’t Mac compatible. I’ve been hunting for a tool to produce collaborative timelines (in this case students are researching stages in the development of a technology, and we want to display the history of this technology). Is anybody aware of anything useful that is not platform (Mac/Windows) specific? Thanks!

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