slideset and video links

Some of these may be dated now, all I am trying to do is keep track of them.

Tips for Online Learning and Teaching 2008:

Identity Crisis: Who is teaching whom online? (Keynote presentation, Schools e-learning conference, Estonia 2009)

Staff who say no to online learning 2010 (ICEL conference presentation):

E-Modelling: helping learners to develop sound elearning behaviours (2010 conference presentation)

What does the HR literature tell us about promoting reflective learning to improve performance? (2009 UFHRD conference presentation):

Tread softly – making secure steps towards wider adoption of pedagogically focussed e-learning (2009 ALT C presentation)

Was it worth it? Six years of doctoral study (BBS HR subject group presentation 2008)

Doing an EdD: tales of a journey (2007 EdD workshop UoB)

Blended training? How does that work? (UFHRD conference presentation 2012)


PREZI link for all conference and lecture prezis shared online:


Getting the best out of researching business and presenting results (Qualtrics Power Hour session) Nov 2014

Problem Based Learning: a case study (November 2014)

What’s trending in Learning Technologies (November 2014)

Supervising research students with Mahara (July 2014)

E-portfolio as a learning space (July 2014)

Digital carrots (Sept 2013)

Developing People for Work (UG DAES Lecture Nov 2012)

How can technology enhance learning in HE (workshop for BSMS staff 2011-12)

Graduate employability and student retention: the role of the teacher (with Asher Rospigliosi for HEA seminar UoB 2012)

Laptops in classrooms and fingers on mobiles (for ICICTE conference July 2012, building on Pedagogic Research conference UoB)

E-learning and training – do they fit? (prepared for workshop with management trainers 2012)

Emerging trends in Technology Enhanced Learning (UoB BBS staff seminar with Asher Rospigliosi Dec 2011)

Using marketing models to review academic staff adoption of technology for enhancing learning in hE (DIVAI conference in Sturovo, Slovakia 2012 – also for Doctoral conference, University of Hradec Kralove, Prague 2013 )

Networking and sharing ideas on online learning research (with Asher Rospigliosi for BeL group, launching elearning research network in UoB at Pedagogic research conference Jan 2011 – working at

Facebook : perceptions of purpose – learning from the experience of retailers (for ICICTE 2011 with Harriet Grange (BBS UG student)

Deep space for learning (Pedagogic Research Conference Feb 2011)

Blend or replace – an introduction. (BBS staff seminar with Asher Rospigliosi on learning technologies in HE)


My YouTube channel includes various videos including a number on Business Research Methods

BSc Business with Enterprise promotional video

CROME – Centre for research on Management and Education – introductory video on Sue G’s research

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