metaphors for education institutions

Managerial metaphors? seems we are all moving towards them, not just because I work in a business school. At ALT C there was talk of managing change, strategies needed, policies, targets, objectives. Just intrusive common language I suppose, yet I wonder if we are letting this metaphor take over?

Universities as learning communities – to what extent do we let Wenger’s legitimate peripheral participation and practical mastery in to our dialogues?

What about a conference metaphor? An academic conference can be seen (OK it’s not the only view) as a meeting of lively, interested actors who have in common their humanity and needs for fun, communication and good food and drink, but have a drive to engage and debate. Conversations with strangers are encouraged because we trust in a roughly common aim. That pays dividends as we find our ideas in dialogue being honed and looked at from different perspectives. Sounds good for a uni model to me – could we sabotage the silos?

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