ICERI conference November 2015

Unable to attend this conference in Seville later this month, I have registered as a virtual delegate, and look forward to visiting the conference online.

Meanwhile, my paper is submitted to the conference plus a presentation, but that didn’t seem helpful, so I have recorded a video to explain the paper and my findings and placed it in YouTube here

The paper is about the experience of developing an undergraduate business degree with a Problem Based Learning ethos. That experience is in its final stages, as the final graduates should leave next summer and the course is closed to new entrants. Was it a failure? Not for the students, who are some of the best motivated final year students I have worked with, tackling challenges and supporting each others’ learning readily. Perhaps for the staff team, who put so much energy and developmental effort into understanding PBL and creating great authentic experiences for students with local businesses. But there is always something to be learned, and the paper, and video discuss some of the learning outcomes from this experience.

Note added after the conference 27th Nov 2015:

Not only did I have full access online to all the presentations at this conference during the event, able to review keynotes and search for all papers, virtual and present, but I have now also received my virtual delegate pack containing the normal conference goodies (pen/pencil/notebook/postits/certificate of participation/certificate of presentation) but also a data key with pdfs of all presentations on pdf from the proceedings.

This was my first experience of being a virtual delegate and I would strongly recommend it – this conference was well organised throughout and I will be looking to consider a virtual presentation again next year.