Third edition available: Introduction to Business Research Methods

How to make sense of research methodology in business studies – a simple ebook, free to download here (its business model based on inserted advertising by This third edition is the fruit of a number of online conversations and updating research activities across the Atlantic between Dr Joe Martelli and myself to make sure it is relevant and up to date for audiences across the US and Europe.

This book does not pretend to be anything other than a first step for students encountering business research methodology for the first time. It is full of references to more learned books and articles on the subject. We both teach research methodology at undergraduate level, and supervise research students at all levels, so in the book we try to anticipate the main confusions and questions.

As shown in the last post it seems to be popular, let’s hope it is a helpful resource to many more.



Research Methods for Postgraduates 3rd Edition 2016

It’s finally here!!!

Research Methods for Postgraduates 3rd ed.

New research methods book available from October 2016,subjectCd-SO90.html

Tony Greenfield’s excellent edited collection of advice for students and researchers is available from October 2016. This is a testament to a dedicated man who was determined to see his third edition see the light of day at great personal cost. His mission is to make statistics, in particular, accessible to non-statisticians.

Many colleagues from UoB*, as well as a range of other knowledgeable experts from universities around the UK, have contributed chapters – well worth recommending.

Book to be launched at ENBIS 2016 in Sheffield in September, in honour of Tony, a founder member of ENBIS.


*Tom Bourner, Viv Martin, Juliet Millican, Mark Hughes, Andrea Benn, Linda Heath and myself

Has sueg gone a bit quiet?

It doesn’t look as if I have been posting much this academic year – what’s that about? On the academic front, sueg continues to reflect on and develop ideas related to online learning and research methodology. Much behind the scenes work on supporting Tony Greenfield in the editing of the third edition of Research methods for Postgraduates, to be published by Wiley in September this year – some solo written and co-written chapters in there, plus a great deal of further learning about research methods from respected writers in the field. I am looking forward to being an invited panel member at the ENBIS conference in Sheffield in September talking about making statistics understandable for students and non-statistical specialists. Great chance to go back to Sheffield where in 2014 we celebrated a 40 year reunion with fellow graduates. I know, I’m far too young.

And there’s a new undergraduate blended learning course in business, which I have been developing along with colleagues at Brighton Business School – due for validation later this year. Exciting opportunity to put our experience of the theory and practice of blended learning into action.

And an invitation to deliver a keynote at the third European Conference on Social Media to be held in Caen this summer. Having helped to host the first of this conference series in Brighton, it will be great to meet friends and colleagues and share rapid advances in thinking around social media and learning. The recently published Leading Issues in Social Media Research, which I edited along with Asher Rospigliosi, identified some great content from that first conference.

Meanwhile, weekly editorial meetings and from time to time producing editorials for the journal Interactive Learning Environments keeps me in touch with a wide range of quasi-experimental and qualitative research studies and updated reviews of the literature in the field of technology-enhanced learning. We have just published a special issue on Mobile Learning which is attracting attention, and because we are producing bumper issues this year (total of 8), I am currently writing an editorial for the May issue of 18 new papers.

Earlier this academic year, we produced the latest publication from Brighton’s Learning and Teaching Conference 2014, in which I wrote about flipped learning from a practical and a theoretical perspective. And of course there is the series of weekly podcasts for business students during term-time which keeps me busy on top of teaching on a Monday.

So just a few things in relation to research passions to keep the aged brain ticking. Of course, just now there are a few other things to think about – external examining, teaching, supervising, grandchildren’s birthdays, Heydown lambing, leading and preaching at services in Old Heathfield and, just very occasionally, housework?


New Research Methods book for undergraduates

Latest foray into publication: a basic guide to research methods published online for free student download
Oddly it has been listed under Marketing?!
Interesting business model – their profits come from relevant advertisements placed in the online downloadable book. Authors, we note, get nothing until people start dowloading, then maybe a few coppers if enough download it!
Still a useful exercise in self-discipline for the author!