“New Pedagogies for the Digital Age”

Looking forward to Steve Wheeler’s session to launch our faculty e-learning programme this year.
Six sessions all in all with e-expertise, fun, food, lots of sharing of ideas.

Business Faculty e-learning programme

The Faculty programme is now launched in Brighton. This programme aims to inspire, stimulate and debate technology enhanced learning in the Faculty. The key areas of pedagogy in relation to Studentcentral, Community@Brighton and Web 2.0 applications, will be considered. We hope to stimulate staff engagement with e-learning and raise opportunities for online assessment.

Facilitated by the Business e-Learning Research Group, the programme will include three invited speakers, two internally facilitated workshops and a final symposium with experts and invited participants from faculty. After each session with an external speaker, six participants will be invited to an evening meal with the speaker hosted by BeL to continue the debate.

A Community@Brighton site will run alongside the programme and BeL will offer one-to-one drop in sessions after each internal workshop for staff who wish to experiment with a little help.

First event 3rd Feb 2010.