Keynote at Estonian conference on e-learning

Keynote presentation on changing teacher roles

Keynote presentation on changing teacher roles

Link to Conference website where the video of this keynote can be seen along with other interesting takes on e-learning

Estonia: school from education to learning space euni09tartu

Conference in Tartu from 2-3 April 09. is website for conference.
Estonian teachers in vocational and higher education gathered in Tartu for a conference with international speakers. So many shared problems, so many worries and fears around online learning, so many varying definitions.
My papers on the changing teacher role and the plasticity of the online environment can be found in next week or so from the conference website.
Have a look at LeMill – Estonian shared repository for teachers and trainers. Also used as social software. Links to world, and flickr etc!

Great hospitality from Estonian conference team – many thanks for great simultaneous translation, at social as well as conference sessions, good food, great company from other keynote speakers and the team.